Each team must begin the event with the intention of completing its selected course which requires passing through manned checkpoints in a circular route.

All members of a team must be present at each checkpoint prior to checkpoint staff confirming the team’s arrival at the checkpoint with race control.


Both courses represent the length of the route which the Soldier 30:30 organisers would take in order to complete each course in the shortest time.

GPS Tracking

Each team member will carry a GPS tracker which enables race control to monitor the team’s progress.

The team captain will also carry a team time-chip with which he/she will clock in the team at each checkpoint.


Each team must carry a combined total weight of at least 30 lbs x the number of team members at all times.  From a safety perspective the following must be carried by the team as a whole.

Sleeping Bag

Survival Shelter

Mobile Phone (Fully Charged)

First Aid Kit

OS Map & Compass

It is recommended that each team member should also carry

1 Full change of warm / dry clothing (Including footwear)

1 Torch (with new batteries)

Food and Drink of which you will consume throughout the event

Packing all of the above kit so that it does not significantly exceed 30 lbs per team member is a challenge in itself.

At team registration on the evening prior to the event each team member will be given three emergency numbers printed on a sticker to be affixed to the back of his/her fully charged mobile phone, a GPS tracker and a cylume/lightstick for use in emergencies.

Each team must also carry an appropriate compass (eg Silva or similar) and relevant map.  The organisers strongly suggest purchasing a bespoke 1:25,000 map from Aqua 3 centred on the following 10 digit grid references:

       Exmoor:    SS7730839233

       Midland:    SK1000049000


In the event that a team member sustains an immobilising injury, 1 team member must stay with the casualty and the remaining 2 team members must make contact with stewards at the nearest checkpoint.  Emergency recovery arrangements will then made via radio.

The organisers accept neither responsibility nor liability for any injury sustained during the event however it is caused.  Individuals enter this event entirely at their risk.

If a team wishes to withdraw from the event at any stage for any other reason, it is imperative that this is communicated to stewards at the nearest checkpoint.  Remember, this is a team event – to win a prize your team needs to complete the course with all the team members.


Injuries or no injuries (hopefully the latter), Soldier 30:30 has a team of trained masseuses on hand at the end of the event to provide rub-downs for tired legs.

The rub-downs take place at race control so you will not have too far to go before feeling a great deal better!


Certain legs between checkpoints may necessitate crossing fences and, when required, we urge you to respect the hard work of the farmers who erected these fences.

Before attempting to climb a fence always check to see whether a fence-line can be better negotiated through a gate.  If your team damages a fence, please inform stewards at the next checkpoint so that the organisers can get on the front foot, contact the landowner and put matters right.

The event relies upon the goodwill of local farmers and the organisers have committed to make good any damage sustained as a result of the event.  Making good on this commitment is a key factor in ensuring the event can be re-run in years to come, however, we rely on you to inform us where the damage is.

The general principle to apply to a gate is “leave it how you found it”, however, please apply some common sense here.  If a gate is swinging in the wind against its latch then, in all probability, the team ahead failed to close it properly and you should therefore do so.  If a gate is wide open and prevented from swinging back due to a large stone or tether it probably means the farmer would prefer it to be kept open.

All competitors must follow the country code.  Again, this is largely common sense.  Above all else, please ensure that whatever goes out with you on the moor also comes back in. Exmoor, Derbyshire and the Staffordshire Moorlands are beautiful places and have no need for litter.