You have sufficient hill fitness to do your team justice.  This does not mean that you have walked/run 30 miles or 30 kilometres carrying 30 lbs before, however, it does assume that you are willing to devote the time and energy to maximise your chances of covering the distance in time.

You know how to navigate in poor visibility across rough ground. This is a requirement and the organisers stipulate it for basic safety reasons.  Darkness, mist or pea soup – you have the ability and presence of mind to direct yourself to the next checkpoint.


The event is limited to 40 teams.  Registration is on a first come first served basis.

Teams must comprise at least 4 individuals who should all be known to one another.

Pick your team carefully – even 30 kilometres is a distance over which tempers can fray.

Total combined weight carried by each 4 member team must be at least 120lbs at all times.  Clearly, it does not require an Einstein to work out that each member need not necessarily carry 30lbs…the weight can be spread around.

For the avoidance of doubt: for any team with more than 4 members, the total weight carried by that team must be at least 30lbs x the number of members in the team.


Each checkpoint will be manned by stewards who will be in radio contact with race control and hold absolute authority over any team’s continued participation in the race.

The stewards may assess any team in order to satisfy themselves that it is maintaining an adequate average speed and/or is sufficiently fit to continue the race.

Finally, the stewards will carry out spot checks to satisfy themselves that the total combined weight carried by the team is at least a total of 30 lbs x the number of team members.