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• Teams must register at race control between 20:00-22:00 on the Friday night immediately before the event.

• All team members must attend team registration. The team will be assigned its race start time at this registration.

• The race itself will begin at 02:30. Start times will be staggered in 5 minute intervals; hence:

                Team 1 will depart at 02:30

                Team 2 will depart at 02:35

                Team 40 will depart at 05:50

• The overall event will finish following a free evening meal (beginning 20:00) and prize-giving on the Saturday evening.


• Race control monitors each team’s speed around the course and will consider other factors (eg remaining daylight, remaining distance, observed fatigue levels, navigational ability) before instructing a withdrawal.

• Any team which, in the opinion of race control, will not complete its course within 12 hours or by 18:00 (whichever is the later), may be withdrawn irrespective of which course that team is attempting to complete.

• Any team which is attempting the 30 mile course and fails to reach Checkpoint 2 within 3 hours will be re-routed onto the 30 km course.

• As a rule of thumb, teams should aim to average 2.5 miles/4 km an hour although please note that checkpoint staff have the authority to withdraw a team for any reason even, in some circumstances, when the above speed is maintained.